NewYork was amazing. 10 days of adventure!, from a bike ride through central park to dumplings in Chinatown. So many amazing things I cant put into words, just loo at the pictures ;) I went to the Financial district on September 11, and headed across the Brooklyn bridge that night. I walked so much, and took the Metro everywhere. It only took a few days until I felt like I had always lived there. Having no car was such a good thing. There are shops and food everywhere, so you are never too far from what you need.  I stayed in Bed-Sty, Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen ( by times square ), and Park Slope, Brooklyn. I loved staying with all my friends, and so happy I could spend a day with everyone ! I took a train from Grand Central Station to Upstate NY for an awesome night in the country. Went shopping in Long Island, and had the best Dim Sum of my life in China Town.   I will miss french toast Bagels, waffles, coffee shops, bike rides, Art Galleries, and my friends the most. Its so crazy just how many things there are to do in one city. If you haven't been you need to go at least once.
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