2nd-9th Sept 

Such a big city. I was in cactus heaven ! Rode from LAX to Redondo with the worlds worst bust driver. Surprised I made it to be honest ! My fav places were on the coast. I stayed in Redondo, and Manhattan Beach, both walking distance to the Ocean. It was sunshine the entire time I was there. Walking and Biking everywhere was easy, its the one time I regret bringing my kids !! Being Labour Weekend, the fiesta Hermosa was on. So many things to buy. Waffles and fried chicken were a standout. By the 3rd day Coffee was my best friend. I also saw the most amazing sunset of my life. Me and Florence headed to Palos Verdes, a nice cliff area, with amazing views of the sun setting over the water. 
Runyon Canyon was so cool ! at least half dogs, and great views of LA. Had a ride through Beverly hills up to the Greystone Mansion, it was a long trip, but the ride down was worth the hike up ! 

Me and a friend went to Hollywood and dined at the Hardrock. We were both total Tourists walking the Hall of Fame, and buying Gift shop novelties. We also went to the California Science centre. Saw the Endeavour space shuttle, and learned alot about space travel ! Our mexican Dinner at the famous Panchos was epic, even having my very first blended margarita. I was so excited to head to NewYork, but didnt want to leave ! A big thank you to everyone who had me stay, and fed me, and let me see your homes and cities ! I couldn't have done it without you all !
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